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The top of an infographic poster showing some of the benefits of good nutrition for children with cerebral palsy, including growth, energy, brain development and muscles and bone strength

Olaf Verschuren won a 2019 World Cerebral Palsy Day Merit Award for his work on sleep, nutrition and physical activity in children with CP.

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Let CP Kids Learn

In Nigeria lives a lawyer, writer and advocate for people living with disability who is turning around the educational experience for children with CP. Tobiloba Ajayi was born with CP...

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Amart Seva Sangam

With help from a mobile app, almost 41000 rural Indian children have been screened for developmental delays since 2014. During that process, more than 1100 children were found to have...

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Spanish organisation Confederación ASPACE has brought the World’s attention to the fact that sexuality isn’t just for people without disabilities. The goal of their successful campaign – #MiraDeFrente – was...

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IFCPF - Igor Monteiro refereeing

Igor Monteiro, IFCPF International Referee and Officiating Committee Member tossing a coin

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Families are travelling as far as five-hours on a round trip to bring their kids with CP to Gympanzees’ all-inclusive pop-up leisure centre. You might wonder why anyone would travel...

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